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I have experience in a number of areas and can help with all aspects of VAT including:



Specialist schemes

VAT Returns

VAT can be quite a broad and specialist topic.  If you prefer I can handle your VAT returns for a fee to be agreed between us..

Alternatively you may want me to deal with all your bookkeeping, VAT Returns, Accounts and Tax Returns. If so, I have a complete package to suit.
Online Filing
If you appoint me to act as your agent, I will file your Vat Returns on-line. HMRC has announced that this is now compulsory for all newly Vat registered businesses.

Vat Schemes
One major concern for me is ensuring you are using the Vat Scheme that is most appropriate to your business. The following is a list of alternatives, with a brief outline, each of which can have a real benefit depending on your businesses circumstances.

Annual Accounting Scheme:
Vat is paid in 9 monthly or 3 quarterly instalments based on your Vat from the previous year. Under this scheme a business only has to complete one Vat Return a year and the balance owed to HMRC or back to your business is then settled.

Cash Accounting Scheme:
Most businesses calculate their Vat based on invoices received and sent, as the name suggests it may help your cash flow if you base your Vat on cash paid and received.

Flat Rate Scheme:
Depending on the type of business you run, it may be possible to apply a fixed rate set by HMRC to all your sales and that represents the amount of Vat you pay each quarter.

Please be aware - not all schemes are available to all businesses. In fact once your taxable turnover reaches a preset limit you have to use the Standard Scheme.
Services - Taxation:

bookkeeping bookkeeping. management accounts. Ridge Accountancy | Payroll Services management accounts payroll services.

Personal Tax

It is difficult enough to manage the work you do and the necessary administration and paperwork that comes with running your own business. This is especially true of small businesses and sole traders. I specialise in providing a comprehensive service for you. Whether it is bookkeeping, VAT, PAYE or Tax Return preparation I can help lighten the load.

Self assessment problems? Tired of spending hours at the kitchen table, papers everywhere and then still not sure you filled in the right boxes or that you have calculated your tax correctly. I can do this.

For an agreed fixed fee I can
prepare your accounts and return, inform you of the tax due well in advance of the payment date and deal with the Revenue and check their computations.

I am a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and am such have proven my experience and integrity.

Contact me for a free no obligation quotation and to discuss your requirements.